Characteristics of the Standard Schnauzer Breed

Please take a few minutes to read about the characteristics of the Standard Schnauzer. The Standard is known as "the dog with the human brain," while being an exaggeration, it does illustrate the mental abilities of the breed. This dog is a well tempered breed and is not prone to extremely active or disruptive behaviors provided they have lots of attention, training and proper care.  The Standard is the original of the three sizes, miniature, standard and giant. Listed are areas you need to consider before you decide to share your home with a Standard Schnauzer.




Health & Care:





When a dog becomes part of your family, he should become your companion for LIFE. His needs for love and security are no different from our own.

If you are still interested, and we hope you are, welcome to the family of STANDARD SCHNAUZER ADMIRERS!

Compiled by Judy Houskeeper

History of the Standard Schnauzer Breed

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