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champion added to the Bred-By list and his name fits him - Ozzie is a nice medium sized male, with harsh coat and  personality that is easy to live with - thinking he is a lap dog.  He teases the koi, when they start swimming around thinking they are going to be fed - he jumps in the water with them - he is such a funny dog - and loves the water. Another personality trait is that he is a "hunter" always on the alert looking for critters in the back yard.    Ozzie was owner/handled to his championship with two, 4-point majors.   He has been OFA'd, CERF'd and Thyroid tested. 



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"Lexie" CH Morgenwald's Lexie V Felspaw CGC, Reg ThD
"Charlie" CH Von Vallen's Grau Baren CD, CGC 
"Sassy" CH Korppret's Asset Sass Me Back 
"Panzer" CH Korppret's Asset Panzer
"Ilsa" CH Korppret B Ilsa Von Llechtim
"Snoopy" CH Korppret Bond's Sekrt Ajnt CGC, Reg ThD
"Barney" CH Korppret's B All U Can B
"Pella" CH Argenta's Pella Petronella CGC
"Peggy Sue" CH Stahlkriegers Peggy Sue CGC,
"Atty" CH Korppret's Catch-22, CGC
"Casa" CH Korppret's Casablanca, CGC
"Cinch" CH Korppret's Cheaper By The Dz.
"Grayson" CH Korppret's Citizen Kane
"Pia" CH Korppret's Cactus Flower
"Buddy" Korppret's Cadillac Man
"Ellie" Dreams of Falcons V Korppret
"Shadow" Korppret's Charade
"Ozzie" CH Korppret's Just a Dream
"Misty" Korppret's Beautiful Dreamer 
"JR" CH KB's Stahlkrieger KorppretDream
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