Korppret Standard Schnauzers


  Better known as "KATY"


under Judge Joseph Gregory  June 2017




International Shows in OKC June 2016 under Judges Jean Pero and  Robin Hug


Katy received a BIS at UKC shows in Norman Ok 2015


Katy- Best Of Breed  Okc Shows  July 2015

 Under Judge William (Bill) Shelton


Another NICE SURPRISE when I opened the mail- Katy in the TOP TEN & FIRST in the STANDARD SCHNAUZER BREED   UKC!

WHAT a nice surprise- a certificate from AKC that Katy is number 6 in the 2014 AKC NATIONAL OWNER-HANDLER SERIES FINALIST for STANDARD SCHNAUZERS.  YIPEE!


We went to Jackson, MS shows Sept '14, and came home with a Grand Champion.  The last 6 shows, Katy has had a 5-point major in each one, making her a GRAND Champion.   Katy  has good reach & drive, nice harsh coat and Personality Plus!  A big THANK YOU to  the judges - Judge Biasiolo,  Judge Judith Voran, Judge Dr Michael Woods, Judge Clay Cody,  and Judge Terry Carter that recognized this.



Katy's 1st major in Alexandra, La- Thanks Judge Charles Trotter Katy's 2nd major for 5 points under Judge Giuliano Biasiolo from Italy going over 11 specials for BOB


"Lexie" CH Morgenwald's Lexie V Felspaw CGC, Reg ThD
"Charlie" CH Von Vallen's Grau Baren CD, CGC 
"Sassy" CH Korppret's Asset Sass Me Back 
"Panzer" CH Korppret's Asset Panzer
"Ilsa" CH Korppret B Ilsa Von Llechtim
"Snoopy" CH Korppret Bond's Sekrt Ajnt CGC, Reg ThD
"Barney" CH Korppret's B All U Can B
"Pella" GCH Argenta's Pella Petronella CGC
"Max" GCH Korppret's Friendly Persuasion
"Atty" CH Korppret's Catch-22, CGC
"Casa" CH Korppret's Casablanca, CGC
"Cinch" GCH Korppret's Cheaper By The Dz.
"Grayson" CH Korppret's Citizen Kane
"Pia" CH Korppret's Cactus Flower
"Buddy" Korppret's Cadillac Man
"Ellie" GCH Dreams of Falcons V Korppret CGC
"Shadow" Korppret's Charade
"Ozzie" CH Korppret's Just a Dream
"Katy" CH Korppret's Gypsy Woman 
"Lena" CH Korppret's Midnight With a Smile
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"New Friends" Meet our new Friends
"Family" "Struttn" our stuff"
"Puppies" Look at our Puppies!
"Adoption" Standard Schnauzer Rescue


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