Shown by Dick Houskeeper owner/handler


A big Thank You to Judges Jean Pero and Robin Hug for recognizing a nice 20 month old immature dog to give him a Reserve BIS in the Bred By Class at the OKC International shows in June 2016.

A black standard at only 8 months old took three (3) majors toward his AKC championship and is well on his way to becoming a champion.   Shown by owner/handler Dick Houskeeper.  Ike has all his testing done such as OFA/CERF/DCM/THYROID (thyroid is a low normal) and tests are good/normal/clear.  He has produced two (2) very nice litters, puppies short backed with dark black in color and harsh coated as he is. Ike is a Lena/Merlin son.  He is at stud to approved bitches.




Under Judge Ms Virginia Lyne for a 3 pt major                                                                                                     Under Judge Loraine Boutwell for a 3pt                        

Ike's favorite position, sitting on Katy while

she chews her bone.

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